About us

Thank you for visiting our Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our services.

Bettendorf Trucking provides services throughout Northern Calif. and Oregon, transporting wood by-products, lumber/flatbed freight, and waste material. Our main office, in Arcata, CA, is the corporate headquarters, and all initial contacts should be directed there. We also have branch divisions in Anderson,Oroville, and Lincoln, CA also White City, Klamath Falls, Albany, and Roseburg, OR.

Bettendorf Trucking is also associated with Joe Costa Trucking, an Arcata, CA based trucking company providing similar services. Bettendorf and Costa Trucking, working together in the area of logistics and communications, are able to provide our customers the top quality services they require and deserve.